Free Property Valuation

House Values onsite visit

When a seller chooses to have a licensed real estate agent visit their home for a house valuation they can rest assure that the time is being taken to consider the data between the subject house and surround homes are accurate.   Furthermore, a onsite visit allows the agent to see many of the upgrades and material qualities your home has compared to when it was first built so many years ago.  And lastly as a local real estate expert we know the supply and demand of each neighborhood and how that effects your house price so allow us to offer you a free home valuation today.

House Values automated online

Computer generated house values often are 20% to 100% off from the actual value.  This happens from inaccurate information like the number of bedrooms/bathroom, house or lot square footage and improvement from the subject property and also from hundreds of surrounding homes that its basing the information from.  Buyers market / Sellers market is another major factor in a homes value that a computer can not retrieve from tax records,  As supply and demand changes for properties this greatly effects the price.   If you use any automated online house value tools just keep in mind it is as accurate as you guessing the lottery numbers.